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Stuart Appleby

October 02, 2007

__He's the most syrupy interview you're ever going to get. But the people love him. He connects with the public more than any player on the tour. He gives them knuckles, he talks to galleries, he smiles, he thanks everybody. When he won the Players, he thanked the coach he'd just fired, Rick Smith. I wouldn't have done that, but Phil is Phil. Stuart Appleby on Phil Mickelson



Thank you for interviewing an athlete who succeeded as a result of hard work, perseverance, and an attitude befitting a professional > (Stuart Appleby). No thank you for devoting multiple pages of your publication to someone who has yet to succeed in any fashion in the professional ranks and whose attitude is anything but professional (Michelle Wie).

That's Dr. Thomas K. Wuest of Eugene, Oregon. We liked the Appleby interview a lot, too.(No comment on Wie. I'm in a Wonder Woman moratorium). However, the verdict is not unanimous, doctor. Art Massimiani, Jr., of Pittsburgh sees it differently:

What a phony! He talks about Phil Mickelson like he's his peer. I'm sure he don't want to compare records, in the number of tournaments won, and majors. Appleby's quote" it sounds like I hate Phil, but I really don't." What bulls___. What a jealous person. Oh, get your bread sent over from Australia, as you don't like any of ours. And while your at it go back yourself. Nothing here satisfies you, go back to that backwater country you came from. You make a good living in the USA.

Just by way of comparison....both did pretty well in the Presidents Cup: Mickelson got three and Appleby two points last weekend. Though we noticed they didn't chat much.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: J.D. Cuban)