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Stu Schneider

We lost Stu Schneider this week, which is inexplicable. Stu was only 52 and we thought he’d be here forever. I guess you think of everyone like that, but especially someone like Stu, someone you assumed would always be there to meet a need, to fill a gap, to come through. For years, Stu ran our PR department, but we always treated him like an editor. Then he became one, running a college sports web site back in those start-up days, and then Golfweb. Lately, he wrote a very entertaining television column for Golf World. He was all over that beat. Stu was talented, clever, and very funny. Mostly, of all the people I know who came from that old print world, Stu got and loved the Internet. He understood its pace, it’s power and he used it with as much savvy as any reporter I know. It extended a hundredfold his natural talent for networking. So Stu was filling in and we thought we had time to give him more to do, that eventually he’d be a big part of our web site. He came to me a couple of months ago and talked about what Golf Digest and Golf World could create on the web. He could see it. He could make you see it. We talked about our sons, both Matthews, just a couple of years apart. We thought we had plenty of time.

Geoff Shackelford writes movingly about Stu today and and Phil Mushnick makes note of his passing in his column as well.

We will all miss him.

—Bob Carney