This is it, this is the meanest stiff arm in the history of football

December 17, 2020

The new phrase for a proper stiff arm in football is "getting thrown out of the club." The stiff arm you are about to see from the Texas Class 2A state title game is the equivalent of getting thrown out of the club and through the crust of the earth.

The aggressor is Shiner High School's Douglas Brooks, a 6-foot, 265-pound defensive tackle / running back, a two-way position combo that you only see in high school football. The victim is Post High School senior Brennan Riker, who is about 5-foot-2 and no bigger than a buck sixty soaking wet. In other words, this was quite the mismatch in the open field:

Goodness gracious, is that poor kid dead? Actually, if you watch to the end, Riker, who is wearing No. 15, (eventually) popped back up and ran down field, re-entering the camera frame around the 10 second mark. Incredible hustle, especially given the fact he may not have known where he was. Another angle shows just how mean this stiff arm was:

Credit to one-five for even feebly attempting to get in Brooks' way. Lesser players would have gotten the hell off the tracks with that freight train steamrolling in their direction. Unfortunately, now he's on a poster:

Rough. Not surprisingly, Shiner won this game 42-20. Brooks, as you can imagine, had a big impact. Here he is blocking a punt and recovering it in the end zone for a touchdown:

Brooks doesn't graduate until 2022, and per his 247sports recuriting profile, he only has one offer from the University of Houston. We're guessing that could change after this performance, and you can bet wherever he plays college football, TV networks will be running back this highlight anytime he makes a play.