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Steve Williams and Phil Mickelson

December 18, 2008


Dear Golf World Editor:>

Steve Williams' comments and behavior are not surprising given the character of the man. What is harder to understand is that his employer has not, to my knowledge, ever reprimanded him or ordered him to make a public apology. Williams has diminished his country, his employer and the game of golf by his continuing obnoxious behavior.>

Ross Jesswein>

Grants Pass OR


Actually, his employer did reprimand him yesterday and even communicated with Phil about it. I like what Ron Sirak had to say on and thought Butch Harmon's remarks--he called it "deplorable"-- were on the money as well. Geoff Shackelford has a couple of items that take it to an even seamier level. (See the "What's the difference..." joke attributed to someone in the Woods camp.) Forgive me, but let's take the high road on all of this. I hear about John Daly and his ridiculous behavior in Australia, then listen to this cattiness and I want to pay for airline tickets for all involved to Detroit, Mumbai or any veterans hospital, where they might get a taste of reality. Ours is a wonderful sport with a side to it that is small, mean, arrogant and utterly ungrateful. That's what this is.

--Bob Carney