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Remember when Rory made 55 practice putts in a row? Stephen Curry's recent feat is way more impressive

April 15, 2015

Last September, video surfaced of Rory McIlroy making 55 medium-length putts in a row on the practice green at the BMW Championship. Last night, video surfaced of NBA superstar and scratch golfer Stephen Curry crushing that mark -- in his own way, of course.

The MVP front-runner made a mind-blowing 77 consecutive three-pointers at Golden State's practice on Tuesday. Apparently, he really cooled off in his other 23 attempts because he only made 94 of his 100 shots. Again, these weren't free throws, but THREE-POINTERS. Silly stuff.

We don't know the exact length of McIlroy's putts, but from the video, they looked about six feet. The NBA three-point line varies in length with a minimum distance of 22 feet from the corner and a maximum distance of 23 feet, nine inches.

Obviously, the feats aren't comparable, but we're pretty sure of one thing. Curry would have a better chance equalling McIlroy's mark than vice versa.