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Stack & Tilt Injuries

August 25, 2007

In our September issue, we solicited the reaction of a number of different teachers and trainers to the Stack & Tilt method taught by Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. One of the objections to the method was greater potential for injury, especially to backs, by physical therapist Ralph Simpson, a 12-year veteran of the PGA Tour Fitness Trailer. Reader Jeff Ostrowski of Glen Mills has an contrasting point of view. Like Sampson, he's a physical therapist; he's also a Stack & Tilt devotee:


I disagree with the opinion of Ralph Sampson, PT that there is a higher risk of injury with the "Stack &Tilt" golf swing as compared to other swing techniques. I too am a physical therapist who has worked on fitness programs with professional and amateur golfers for many years. I am also an avid golfer who has been practicing the Stack &Tilt golf swing for over a year.

Personally, I have experienced no pain or injury from the Stack &Tilt golf swing. I am practicing much more now than ever before too. Previously, when I did not use the Stack & Tilt concepts, I often had pain in my wrists, elbows, shoulders and back.

In my opinion, the Stack &Tilt golf swing imparts less stress on the body than other swing techniques. I believe this technique probably reduces the risk of injury, especially in the shoulders and arms, but this needs to be studied and observed over time. It appears that from my personal experience and that of the clients of Mr. Bennett and Mr. Plummer, that the early reports are favorable to the Stack &Tilt swing.

Most importantly however is this point: the golf swing is an athletic movement. If a player does not possess an adequate amount of strength and flexibility, then he or she will be predisposed to injury, no matter what technique they use.

Hear. Hear. In a previous entry here a reader talked about the back problems he'd experienced after attempting what he understood to be the Stack & Tilt swing. My view is, doing anything different from your normal swing will put strain on your body. Proceed with caution.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Chris Stanford)