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Spectacular Masters-themed father-daughter wedding dance ends with golf shots, hugs and tears

September 28, 2023


There’s nothing wrong with the normal father-daughter wedding dance per se, but sometimes you see something so perfect it raises the bar for everyone else. A father and daughter, most certainly golf fanatics, added the critical touch to their waltz to tee off what was almost certainly a wedding for the ages.

"Dad and Daughter tee up drives with the Masters theme playing after their dance together," the tweet reads. "Dad goals."

This is 28 seconds of pure gold as the two get their stretches in and then hit their drivers off the deck (literally 😉) in perfect harmony. The rapturous applause is well-deserved as those are two strong shots, especially considering the heightened pressure and formal outfits.

What if one of them hooked it or topped the ball? That’s a bad omen for the woman’s marriage. Just sign the divorce papers now and start from scratch.

Luckily, everything worked out, and the two shared a gleeful hug after what was most likely their most memorable golf shots. The Masters music is truly the cherry on top. That’s a beautiful touch. Fred Ridley, get these two to Augusta National!