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Some quick answers to our readers

January 19, 2011

Checking the recent over-the-transom notes:

Rapete checks in with a Hot List question: "I would like to see comments comparing 2011 Hot List to 2010 Hot List. For example, is there really that much difference in the R9 vs. R11 driver that would justify the extra bucks? Is the Ping G15 from last years list the same as this year?"

First, the G15 is the same, although note that the G15 Draw version is being fazed out of the line. The K15 is Ping's new solution to those fighting a slice.

As for R11 vs. R9 and the "justify the bucks" question: To us, it's pretty clear that R11 does things that R9 didn't, specifically the ability to have the setup appearance not be dictated by the rotating hosel and its effect on lie angle, loft and face angle. If those things don't matter to you, or if price is the only thing that matters to you, then you may not be all that intrigued with their current offerings. Let's put it this way, if you update your cell phone more than you update your golf equipment, I'd have to wonder where your priorities are.

See our thoughts on the entire driver category here.

On the recent purchase of Yes! Golf by Adams Golf at auction, GPPGolfdotcom writes, "Wow, what an incredible deal for Adams, not so much for Yes!" There likely will be more developing on this story next week during the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, but here's one take: Even in the last year, when Yes! Golf was financially uncertain, it was maintaining a small but meaningful share in the marketplace. Even if Adams did nothing but maintain that position, it seems likely it could make up that purchase price in a few years. With Adams' proven track record in R&D, and a solid footing in marketing, there's genuine potential for Adams to do something interesting here. In fact, in the area of picking your battles, I'd take my chances at finding some opportunities for growth for my company in the putter market, rather than trying to find room in the top-heavy, tour-use-driven, investment-heavy driver market.

--Mike Stachura