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Solheim Cup, Stackless & Tiltless

September 16, 2007

What a wonderful weekend for a kid from Michigan--38-0 wonderful, as a matter of fact--or anyone willing to rise early enough to watch the Brutal weather. Entertaining, if not always artful, golf. Lively commentary, even, as with Dottie Pepper's "Chokin' Dogs" comment, it wasn't intended.

But I was struck, after all of the discussion about Stack & Tilt in our magazine and on several blogs including this one, that most of the women's swings don't in any way resemble the S&T move. For the most part (I'm thinking Creamer, Gulbis, Inskter to name a few) players on both sides seemed to make swings closer to Curtis Strange than to Aaron Baddeley. Pat Hurst's steep move was perhaps the closest to what Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett are teaching, and Laura Davies move at impact resembled "the upward thrust of the lower body" that they talk about, but those were exceptions. Be interested in what the rest of you think....

--Bob Carney