Slow Play

June 10, 2009

While there are those who believe that banning televised golf altogether would speed recreational play enormously, from Michigan comes a more reasoned proposal on the subject:



Dear Editor,>

I have a suggestion for the television networks to combat slow play in the future. Please, please do not show Jim Furyk's pre-shot putting routine. We do not need a bunch of amateurs copying his routine. A round of golf would take seven hours or more. I got to the point in the Memorial Tournament when they showed Furyk on the green I switched over to the baseball game on the other channel.


Dennis Holzgen

Walker, MI

In the issue of moving things along, I won't get started on the subject. Your Tigers won that day, didn't they? So did that other Tiger, eventually.

For a more in-depth view of Furyk, certainly one of the players at Bethpage next week, see John Hawkins profile of Furyk in the new Golf World. Great photos, too.

--Bob Carney