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Blinded By The Light

This tour pro's golfer's tan rivals Stewart Cink's legendary hat tan

The summer is officially heating up, and we don't mean that in the cliche way. It's literally scorching hot, with Monday, July 3 being reported as the hottest day ever recorded globally. And it's only going to get hotter, according to the "experts."

For hardcore golfers, this means two things: 1. you're about to go through a LOT of golf gloves in a short period of time, and 2. your golf tan is about to be in peak form. We're talking Stewart Cink black-and-white cookie head form:

It's unavoidable this time of year. Even if you load up on sunscreen (which you absolutely always should), it's still going to be impossible to combat the goofy-ass golf tan look. A simple beach or pool day will quickly turn into a comedy hour with everyone pointing out that your feet are insanely white in comparison to your legs, and that your torso is blinding everyone. Put your shirt back on you freakshow. 

Those of us brave enough to show off the golf tan in public cannot be shamed, however. Some of us wear it with pride. People like Si Woo Kim. Heroes:

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff. If you just zoomed on on Si Woo's bicep, you'd probably automatically assume it was Stewart Cink's dome. That's how you know this is one of the greats. Not to be outdone by Patrick Reed:

Or Jim Furyk:

And there you have it, your Mount Rushmore of tour pro golfer tans: Stewart Cink, Si Woo Kim, Patrick Reed, Jim Furyk. That's a group you can go to war with. A group that should probably mix in one shirtless beach day every now and then just to mitigate things, although that would mean we wouldn't get these legendary photos. On second thought, keep doing what you're doing, boys. 

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