January 4, 2017


Lake Bluff, Ill. / 6,521 yards, Par 71 / Points: 61.9080
Shoreacres aerial
Scott Vincent/Courtesy of Shoreacres

66. Shoreacres

Seth Raynor (1921)/Tom Doak (R. 1993, 2010)

Perhaps the most fascinating topography upon which Seth Raynor created a golf course with his usual collection of suspects, including No. 3 (Leven), No. 6 (Biarritz), No. 7 (Double Plateau), No. 8 (Eden), No. 10 (Road) and No. 14 (Redan) all playing along plateaus and over ravines that feed into Lake Michigan. The stretch of 11, 12 and 13, playing across a ravine, down into it and back out of it, are as unique a stretch of holes as can be found anywhere on a 100 Greatest course.

100 Greatest History: Ranked 2001-2012 and since 2017. Highest ranking: Current ranking. Previous ranking: 99

Panelist comments:
“Shoreacres kicks it into gear on No. 4, working its way through some interesting property, and culminating with an all-world stretch from 10-15. Raynor's templates are used well on the holes routed through the ravines.”

“In the same vein as Fishers Island, this is just a ton of fun to play with all the usual templates that Raynor liked to employ: Alps, Redan, Short, Eden, Biarritz, Road, etc.”

“A seemingly innocuous track takes on dramatic dimensions through the use of the ravine. A great experience and must play for any architectural enthusiast. These are great challenges for courses that aren't very long.”

“A classic, traditional design is the hallmark here, and for traditionalists it is great fun to play. It has the teeth to bite you, though a consistent straight shooter will fare pretty well.”

“Seth Raynor was a genius, and got the most out of this property. It is not remarkable land, but he used it in a way to present very good design variety, interesting green complexes and outstanding conditioning.”

Brian Palmer/Courtesy of Shoreacres

Hole No. 4

Brian Palmer/Courtesy of Shoreacres

Hole No. 12

Brian Palmer/Courtesy of Shoreacres

Hole No. 18

Scott Vincent/Courtesy of Shoreacres