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His name could be hard for certain tongues to get just right on the first try, but when it came to his golf, Severiano Ballesteros was a universal language, no translation required. Other players had more perfect swings and more even-keel mindsets, but has anybody ever seemed more meant for the game than Ballesteros? In his abbreviated prime -- before back problems and swing gremlins took their toll -- one only had to watch him for a hole or two to sense his charisma, his command, his creativity. Fairway-wood from 240 yards out of a bunker? Check. Punched 4-iron out a forest, curving toward the target like it was directed by remote control? Got it. Tricky pitch shot with everything on line? No problem. It was singular, inspiring golf that came out of Seve's heart, not from a book. —Bill Fields


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