Seton Hall player declares "I ain't never missing" before free throw, promptly misses TWO free throws

March 04, 2021

The announcer jinx is one of the most powerful forces in all of sports. As soon as someone utters that a kicker "hasn't missed all season," the chances of the impending kick clanking off the upright goes up exponentially.

You see the same thing in basketball when it comes to free throws. Announcers have to fill the time by saying something and they love saying things that wind up jinxing players. Turns out, though, the player jinx can be even more powerful.

Take what happened Wednesday night during an NCAA men's basketball game between Seton Hall and UConn. Pirates senior Bryce Aiken was at the foul line during the second half of the game when something prompted him to make quite the declaration as he attempted his first free throw.

"I ain't never missing," he can clearly be heard saying. Even for someone who was previously a perfect 23-for-23 from the line, it was a bold choice. And as it turned out, a bad one.


But it gets worse! The Harvard transfer also missed the second attempt. Incredible.

Oh, and Seton Hall lost the game. Wonder if Aiken also said, "We ain't ever losing"? Regardless, tough scene all around.