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Seinfeld on 'a couple things you find dumb about golf'

February 05, 2014

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has had his fun at the expense of golf before, but he was at it again in an interview he did on the Fox Sports show, "The Buzz with Jimmy Traina."

Traina, recalling a show he'd seen in which Seinfeld included golf in a riff on "things that make you whisper," asked Seinfeld to name "a couple things you find dumb about golf."

"If you look at it," Seinfeld replied, "it looks like something the groundskeepers and caddies made up to get even with the old rich whiteys that can afford to play it. It's like, 'OK, whitey, hit this little ball as far as you can, now go find it. We put out some fake sand boxes and puddles, so that you'll be cursing all day long. And then make sure you write everything that happened to you on this little first grade report card in suppository pencil.'"

The golf bit begins at about the 12-minute, 20-second mark above.