It Just Means More

This SEC Network hype video is why the phrase 'hits different' was created

The internet has killed the hype video. There, we said it. What was once a precious commodity has been beaten into the ground, to the point where even your local high school football team is pumping out Oscar-worthy, 17-minute run time hype videos on a weekly basis. It's far too much of a good thing.

Having said that, when done right—and by right we mean in 60 seconds or less because we all have the attention span of a gnat—they can still hit very, very different, as the young lads say. 

With less than two months until college football season (a real, loin-stirring sentence right there), it's officially hype video SZN, and this one the SEC Network dropped on Monday is already the clear hype video SZN champion. It's one minute of pure southern glory, hitting literally all the right notes, which are sung by... you'll never believe this ... Luke Combs, a rising star in the country-music scene (I think that's correct but I don't listen to country so please don't kill me). This clip is what the phrase "hits different" was created for:

My goodness, I felt that. As a matter of fact, I could taste that and smell that, too. Watch that again and tell me you aren't daydreaming about a tailgate in 95-degree weather with all the delicious tailgatey smells wofting through the air as you sip on a great tasting less filling light piss water beer. Heaven? No, it's a parking lot somewhere in the south and there's no palce on earth you'd rather be. 

By the way, you know how often a forced sports song like this works? The answer is never, yet somehow this song SLAPPED. Every team got their little mention (even Texas A&M and Missouri!) and some shine, and no lyric was wasted. I think I'm a Luke Combs fan now. Apologies to the hardcore baseball fans out there but it's about time we fast forward to September.