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Sean Payton pulled off the par save of the year—and put a few bucks in his pocket

April 22, 2021

Long considered an offensive genius in football, Sean Payton appears to be a recovery shot savant in golf. In 2019, we saw him hit a sensational shot from a boat in Lake Tahoe, and on Wednesday, he pulled off the par save of the year from a grandstand in New Orleans.

Of course, how the Saints coach keeps putting himself in such awkward spots needs some explaining—as does his obsession with using Taysom Hill at quarterback. But when Payton finds himself in a pickle, there seems to be no one better at getting out of it. Well, again, unless his team needs a big first down and he turns to Taysom Hill, something we may see even more of now that Drew Brees has retired. Seriously, what is he thinking?

In any event, watch and marvel at Peyton scrambling from the fans:

What a shot. What a putt. What a bow to the crowd. Phil Mickelson would be proud.

Even better? The Payton acknowledged after that there was some money on the line for his miraculous up and down:

Well done, Sean. Now go put that cash toward getting a real QB.