The game of golf is built on benchmarks—breaking 100, shooting in the 80s, getting close to par—and the ultimate achievement for amateur golfers is to play to a scratch handicap. Some players do it by overpowering courses; some are impeccable ball-strikers; some are virtuosos around the greens. But all scratch golfers share some basic skills that get them there.

In this tee-to-green video program, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Chris Mayson walks you through the differences between good golfers and the truly great ones. You’ll learn to drive the ball with power and accuracy, hit lasers at the flags, develop great touch from short range and, perhaps most important, manage your misses. You’ll discover what you can do to become a scoring machine—and the envy of golfers everywhere you go.

Whether playing to scratch is truly within your reach, or you’re simply interested in knowing what it takes to play outstanding golf, this series is both eye-opening and highly practical. Stop wondering what distinguishes great players. It’s all right here!


1 Total Driving

2 Compressed Irons

3 Accurate Wedge Shots

4 Lights-Out Putting

5 Better Mis-hits