Scottish newspaper prints most inaccurate golf headline of the year

May 14, 2021

We've known for a long time that if you want to rile up a European golf fan, you just have to call the Open Championship the British Open. Seriously, if you're going to give it a try, you better have some backup. It's a touchy topic.

But now a Scottish newspaper has taken things a step farther by calling another tournament altogether by that name. And the Brits are mad. Make that CHEESED OFF.

Look, as a website that's under a magazine, we know mistakes happen. Even with headlines. And we've certainly made our share. But this is a pretty bad one. . .

Again, it's NOT the British Open. It's actually the British Masters this week on the European Tour. And according to most British golf fans, there's no such thing as the British Open anyway. It's the Open Championship or simply, THE OPEN. The insistence is a bit absurd, but it's there.

And this is not some rag. It's The Herald, one of the oldest newspapers in the world. Heck, The Herald predates The Open by 77 years.

Anyway, Scotland's new favorite son, Robert MacIntyre (who even has his own theme song) did not make his move at the British Open—even if Scotland's oldest paper says so. He's got a share of the 36-hole lead at the British Masters at The Belfry.

And we're guessing if the keeps that lead by tournament's end, The Herald will get the tournament's name right. It better or it will have to deal with an even angrier mob of golf fans.