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Scott Van Pelt hopes his opinion of pimento cheese doesn't get him banned from the Masters

March 29, 2017

Jamie Squire

Scott Van Pelt is taking over the role of host during ESPN's Masters coverage this year. He just hopes it's not a one-and-done gig following comments he made about one of Augusta National's staples: the pimento cheese sandwich. Yep, he went there.

Van Pelt, along with Curtis Strange and Andy North, was part of a teleconference with reporters ahead of the year's first men's major on Wednesday when he was asked about the popular concession during Masters week. And the sports personality wrestled with what to say before giving an honest answer. Here's the funny portion of the transcript:

SCOTT VAN PELT: . . . But as for the pimento cheese, I took a bite once, because it seems like it was obligatory, it's like, you know, when in Rome, and it's not my thing. They have an unbelievable -- I mean, I think you're allowed to say that.

CURTIS STRANGE: This will be your first and last appearance in Butler Cabin.


SCOTT VAN PELT: Yeah. You know what? It's just not -- I was just going to say though they have a wonderful fried chicken sandwich that I can eat about 14 of. So, I just, it's not that I don't enjoy the cooking, it's just that it's not particularly my thing.

Q. Did you finish the sandwich?

SCOTT VAN PELT: Andy, what am I obligated to answer here? Like am I allowed to invoke my right as a citizen?

ANDY NORTH: If the answer is no, yes.

SCOTT VAN PELT: Yeah, I did, and it was wonderful. No.


I don't recall, I don't recall, I took a couple bites and said, no, I'm all set here. So, I don't believe I got to the end of that one.

Q. Appreciate your story there. Thank you.

SCOTT VAN PELT: Thanks for the end of my career there, man.

We certainly hope not, Scott -- although you never know. And for the record, we couldn't agree more with you about those fried chicken sandwiches that have just the right amount of kick to them. How anyone could choose pimento chee--OK, we've probably said too much as well.