'Storytime with Scott Gomez' is currently the best show not on actual television

Thanks to social media, former athletes you'd normally never hear from in retirement have a place to quite literally shoot the shit in an uncensored manner. The prime example of this is the Instagram account of former NHLer Sean Avery, who uses his platform to hurl insults at people who park in the bike lane in New York City, chirp New York Islanders fans, and break down hockey in the most NSFW possible. If you're not following him, you're missing out on some A+ content.  

The same can be said for Scott Gomez, who played 17 seasons in the NHL, most notably for the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens. I'd not been following Gomez on social media up until today, when I came across this "Storytime with Uncle Scotty" video on the 'Gram (H/T: Barstool). Apparently, this is a new series on Gomez's Insta, and it's already the best show that's not on actual television. Here's the most recent story about his former Montreal Canadien teammate P.K. Subban, who you may have heard of

"Today's story is one from the Montreal days," explains Gomez, pipe in hand, whiskey glass to his right and a roaring fire to his left. "When I kinda got to meet the P.K. Subban, great friend of mine, great kid. I'll never forget, one time, P.K. was playing great, doing great. That was the year I really struggled, we all know that, don't need to go there. But anyway ... 

"P.K., he did something dumb, and we we're always on the kid. Just the way I was brought up, they were going to get the same treatment, meaning if you're doing something wrong you're going to be told you're doing it wrong, that's the way hockey has been passed down forever. So I go to P.K., I think we were losing 4-1, P.K. scores and he celebrates like he just won the Cup. I grabbed him and said 'hey, ya know, you don't gotta do it like that,' or whatever. Granted I hadn't scored in forever so it was hard for me to tell him that. But that was something I was passed down. And P.K. goes to me 'Yeah, but Gomer, when in doubt gotta sizzle it out.' I'll never forget it. When in doubt, ya gotta sizzle it out. And, shit, he saw my reaction and I couldn't stop laughing. That became our saying, and still to this day, when in doubt, sizzle it out." 

The story is outstanding, and not surprising at all if you've followed P.K. Subban's career. But it's really the whole Gomez vibe here that plays so well. The outfit, the facial hair, the balding head, the pipe, the whiskey, the fire. He is an absolute gem. 

This was the third installment of "Storytime with Uncle Scotty," and the first two are well worth your time as well. Check them out on Gomez's Instagram page. We'll post our second favorite below, which is the story of a legendary "win or lose, we booze" quote from Gomez's old teammate Randy McKay: