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Scots wary of Trump

February 19, 2009

Donald Trump is moving forward with his plans to build a golf course and resort in Scotland, despite Trump Entertainment Resorts filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Not everyone there is so eager for him to proceed, however.

"He is a property developer at the riskiest time ever for property development and the question is, will it ever get finished if he starts it?" Aberdeenshire councillor Paul Johnston told the Herald. "People are worried it will never happen and Mr. Trump, by his resignation (from the Trump Entertainment Resorts board), is breeding uncertainty. I am not in high finance, but this doesn't look good.

"Clearly he always has the option of making life easier for himself by scaling back the development here and still build the world's greatest golf course but without destroying the sand dunes. This whole development may be built on sand."

-- John Strege