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The score you add up at the end of a round often seems pretty random. You might hit the ball great all day, and score just OK. Or you might go low when all you feel like you did was make a few putts. The truth is, scoring isn’t mysterious. A handful of critical skills—a few are obvious, a few not so much—contribute most to the scores you shoot. In our newest video program, “Scoring 101: The 5 Requirements,” Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Adam Kolloff takes you through the bag and identifies your best scoring opportunities. They include learning to drive the ball in better spots, hitting the green from farther out, and sticking those wedges close. In five long-form video lessons, you’ll discover why you’re shooting the scores you’re shooting—and the quickest ways to bring those numbers down.


1 The 10-Yard Draw

2 Learn to Hit Hybrids

3Master Your Wedges

4 Become a Great Pitcher

5 Make More Putts


Adam Kolloff

Best Young Teachers in America by Golf Digest