Saturday Morning Tip: Learn from the Golf Girls

Good morning, fellow golfers, and welcome to the Fourth of July weekend. I hope you have lots of golf planned around those family barbecues and fireworks displays. A couple of weeks ago I did a tip based on the spoof video from the Golf Boys. Well, now there is a spoof of the spoof, this time by the Golf Girls (four players from the European LPGA Tour). Check it out here.

So, is there something you can learn from their video and apply to your game? Absolutely. All kidding aside, notice how full and free-flowing their golf swings are. Their follow-throughs are unrestricted. That's how you can generate significant clubhead speed, even if you're not very big physically. And you'll probably

hit it straighter doing this because you're not interfering with the natural squaring of the clubface at impact.

Butch Harmon talks about this in the August issue of Golf Digest (with a rocket-propelled driver on the cover). In his Power Surge article called "How to Bomb It!" he says: "Need a swing thought? Keep your speed up. Feel as if you're accelerating the clubhead all the way to the finish. Do that, and you might just bomb it past everybody."

Remember to have fun this Fourth of July weekend, but stay safe so you can continue to  follow me on Twitter @RogerSchiffman.

*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest