Saturday Morning Tip: Stay 'tall' through impact

August 12, 2011

So much was made Thursday about Tiger's flawed swing, and how he squats on the downswing, then tries to straighten up through impact. As Frank Nobilo noted on Golf Channel, Tiger has gotten so crouched on the downswing, especially with his irons, that if he doesn't time his "straightening" just right, he has no room to swing the club and his shots go to the right. Or he tries to save the shot with his hands and he might pull or hook it left. Hence, the water balls and drives that stay out to the right.

There's a tip for you in all of this: Stay tall through impact.

First, here's Secret Handshake's version of Skee-Lo's song I Wish, courtesy of my 20-year-old daughter: Click here. Then try using the following thoughts in your swing. Use the lyrics of the song as a reminder: "Wish I was a little bit taller..."

Start at address in a nice and relaxed posture, knees slightly flexed, chin up, bending at the hips, your arms hanging straight down.  Then as you swing, try to maintain that general feeling

of the chin up, so your left shoulder can turn under it. Now here's the key: As you start your downswing and all the way through impact, keep your chin up and let your arms swing through. You'll find that that clubhead squares up naturally through impact and you'll hit your shots solidly.

This works well for the driver, but it's especially effective on iron shots and pitches from tight lies. In effect, you are maintaining your spine angle (how many times have you heard teachers say that lately?), which promotes consistent club/ball contact (rather than club/turf contact).

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*Roger Schiffman

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