Saints receiver Michael Thomas might be more sensitive than Kevin Durant


Jacob Kupferman

For a long time, there was not a more sensitive athlete on the planet than Kevin Durant. The two-time NBA Finals MVP would use burner accounts to respond to social media trolls, and once got caught in the act, responding from his own account. Now, he’s reached the point where he only responds from his own account (that we know of).

Just last week, Durant responded to a tweet from an Action Network NBA writer. The writer said he’d be “disappointed” if Giannis Antetokounmpo “bailed” on Milwuakee, like Durant bailed on OKC. Though the writer never mentioned or tagged Kevin Durant in the tweet, just referred to him as “KD.”

This meant “KD” had to either seek it out or have it presented to him by someone else. Naturally, Durant couldn’t help himself after seeing it:

Durant continued to engage with others in the replies, which is his prerogative. But, for a two-time NBA Champion and a former MVP winner, it just seems beneath him to respond to the trolls. But he keeps at it.

This is the part where we say, while Durant remains one of the most sensitive high-profile athletes in sports, he may no longer be top dog. That crown belongs to New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who is not afraid to mix it up on social media as well.

On Monday, the NFL on FOX Instagram account posted one of the many stupid quarantine debates on Instagram, asking “Which is tougher to do?” The choices: A. Make a catch while guarded by Stephon Gilmore, or, B. Break up a pass while guarding Michael Thomas. DeVante Parker, a sixth-year receiver on the Miami Dolphins, responded to the question with the one he’s actually done in real life: A. catching a pass while guarded by Gilmore. From the clouds, Thomas chimed in, clearly having taken offense. Here’s the full breakdown from Brendan Tobin, a sports radio personality from Miami:

Much like Durant would, Thomas had to go completely out of his way to see this comment from Parker, then make the decision to actually respond to it, even though Parker wasn’t specifically calling him out, just selecting the choice of “A,” the one he’s literally done on the field before. If you couldn’t tell by that run-on sentence, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

This is par for the course for Thomas, who was quite outspoken on Twitter over the Saints’ NFC Championship loss to the Rams in 2018. Many of the Saints had a right to be upset with the bogus pass interference call, but, if you recall, Saints players and Saints fans reallllllly dragged it out. Thomas is among those who still beats that drum, when he’s not responding to every perceived slight on Instagram, of course.