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Sabbatini Bails Early, Misses Tiger's Romp

December 17, 2007

Rory Sabbatini reaffirmed his role as the anti-Tiger by withdrawing from the Target World Challenge before yesterday's final round, suffering not only from shin splints, but a 28-stroke deficit after 54 holes. Tiger Woods tied the tournament record of 22 under to win in a seven-stroke cakewalk at Sherwood C.C., but the hot topic afterward was Sabbatini.

For serving as Woods' most vocal pest over the last six or seven months, Sabbs has taken a beating in the media. This latest episode proves no different, although an independent thinker can only wonder: Has kissing Tiger's derriere helped anyone actually beat the game's best player?

Speaking of the game's best players, Annika Sorenstam's victory Sunday in Dubai prevented her first winless season since 1993. Ron Sirak caught up with the LPGA's former No. 1 after her victory at the Dubai Ladies Masters.