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Rush Finale

September 12, 2007


What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.

-- Edward Langley

Wow. The Rush discussion won't die. After of a bunch of our liberal-leaning readers protested the presence of Rush Limbaugh in the  August Issue, and we printed a letter in the October issue, now comes the Right to make things right for Rush. Continuing our break from FedEx Cup discussion, we prove again that we're an equal opportunity blog: "You disappointed us Rush Fans with your headline 'Don't Mix Golf And Politics', introducing a hateful letter that called  Rush Limbaugh vile names," says Tulsan Coleman Ferguson. The Nickerson letter, which also ran here, referred to the subject of our Final Exam as one of those "trouble-making, hypocritical windbags". Mr Ferguson again:

That type letter is beneath contempt and your magazine should apologize to Rush for its publication.  As a golfer actively playing  for over 50 years,  I consider Rush to be an asset to Golf.  His passion for the sport comes thru on his Radio Program as  word picture descriptions of his game and of  the many Golf Courses he plays.  Contrary to your headline, ("Don't Mix Golf and Politics") golf and politics often do mix as we golfers here in Tulsa learned this spring when our new Democrat Mayor, Kathy Taylor, announced she was closing a number of the city's Golf courses in order to use the money, "wasted by the city" on golf, elsewhere.   We Senior Golfers got involved in city politics and were successful in keeping the public courses open.  Golf is a sport that encourages civility and thus mixes well with all phases of life, including Politics.

Way to go, Tulsa seniors.

Meanwhile, the letter also caught the eye (ire?) of Paul Bopko of Sun Lakes, Arizona.

It would have been kool for Dwight Nickerson to follow his own advice about keeping politics out of the Digest. True to his attitude his comments about Mr. Limbaugh were the usual crude and snide utterences of the Left!.

Thanks, Paul. Now we're even. We were going to ask Rush what he thought of the FedEx Cup set-up, but on second thought....

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Ben Van Hook)