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Run for your life, because Tiger's still hitting his driver everywhere

August 10, 2013

Following around Tiger may be interesting, but it's probably not the wisest move in terms of pure safety.

On Thursday, Tiger hit exactly one driver all round -- and it flew straight into the crowd on the right. His three drivers on Friday twice ended in the crowd, and once on the green of the short par-4 14th.

Nothing much changed on Saturday: Tiger flared driver into the crowd right on the 570 yard par-5 fourth, where he went on to save par, and again into the trees on nine, where he also managed to save par. After driving onto the green on the short 14th hole Friday he pulled the big dog again Saturday. No surprises for guessing where that one went (trees left). His final driver of the day came on 18, when he drove into the fairway bunker right.

Woods finished with a three-over 73, which at the time left him four over for the tournament.

Here are Tiger's four drivers on Saturday: