Rory McIlroy's reaction to seeing a lion up close was priceless

January 09, 2017

Rory McIlroy's presence on a leader board strikes fear into the hearts of fellow golfers like no one else in today's game. Even the hint of a possible charge by the four-time major champ prompts golf social media to light up with "Rory's coming!" GIFs and tweets as McIlroy closes in on his prey.

But in the jungle, even the lion of pro golf still doesn't dare tangle with the real thing.

Check out this cool video of a lion up close that McIlroy shared from a private game reserve in South Africa. More specifically, check out Rory's reaction:

McIlroy is in South Africa to kick off his year at this week's BMW SA Open. Let's see that look again:


It's juuuuust a little less confident than this one: