Watch Rory McIlroy's stunned reaction to being told he won PGA Tour Player of the Year by Jack Nicklaus

September 11, 2019

The news of Rory McIlroy winning PGA Tour Player of the Year over Brooks Koepka sent shockwaves across the golf world on Wednesday afternoon. No one seemed more surprised than Rory McIlroy.

Shortly after McIlroy was announced as the winner by a vote of his peers, the tour shared video of the four-time major champ being informed of his latest award by 18-time major champ Jack Nicklaus, whose name adorns the tour's POY trophy. We're guessing McIlroy must have thought something was up with Nicklaus and a bunch of cameras there, but he seemed genuinely stunned to learn the result and later said he was, "at a loss for words," in a teleconference with reporters. Anyway, here's the funny exchange:

NICKLAUS: "They've got one other one they thought they'd bring out for you today."

MCILROY: "That's the Nicklaus Trophy. I've already got two of those."

NICKLAUS: "You've got three now."

MCILROY: "Really?"


Yep, really, Rory. Funny, we're guessing Brooks said the same thing.