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Rory and Tiger

October 15, 2007

After reading Jaime Diaz's piece on Rory Sabbatini in November, Joel Dimacale from Rancho Palos Verde, California sees conspiracy in the Sabbatini/Woods feuding. Here's Jaime:

So in May of this year, when Sabbatini defiantly emerged from being dusted by Tiger Woods in the final group at the Wachovia with the suggestion that world No. 1 was "more beatable than ever" and that he preferred playing against "the new Tiger"--veritable trash talking relative to the sport and certainly the notoriously avenging target--Sabbatini had little credibility and no political capital.

And Joel's theory on all of this:

Don't you guys think that this so called "rivalry" between Rory and Tiger is orchestrated by Nike?  Keep in mind that they both under contract by Nike.  This kind of buzz is free publicity for their players, I meant their other "players".  I am guessing that it won't be long and a Nike commercial will feature both of them.

Joel, I'm getting soft in my old age. I thought they just didn't like one another and I was kind of enjoying the jabbing.

Now I'm seeing swooshes. Though it strikes me that Sabbatini and Woods would be two of the toughest guys out there to choreograph into a feud. And Sabbatini's behavior has sure convinced the bloggers that the rancor is real. Here's one entry that Jaime mentioned in his story, from

"Spit out your gum. Learn how to dress. Shut your pie hole."

--Bob Carney

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