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Roger Goodell, who is the NFL commissioner, says he's "not a football expert"

September 07, 2017

Saying or doing really dumb things has become standard procedure in 2017, and thanks to the immediacy of the Internet, we all get to point and laugh at those who do it, and quickly move on to the next thing.

But some things last longer than others. Take, for example, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has already said or done his fair share of questionable things during his tenure. On the morning of the NFL's opening night the commish went on FS1's latest dumpster fire of a talking head show, "First Things First."

If you're able to survive past the 60-second mark, you'll be impressed to see Goodell gave an honest answer to Cris Carter's question by saying, "I'm not a football expert." Yes, the commissioner of the National Football League admitted he's not a football expert.

Obviously, he was referring to the fact he is not a coach or general manager, but still, he is THE COMMISSIONER OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. I mean, imagine other people in charge saying something along these lines? For example:

Tim Cook: "If only I knew how to change my ringtone."

Donald Trump: "This whole veto process is a mystery."

Gordon Ramsay: "Let me just check the recipe on the box."

Mark Zuckerberg: "So will they see if I tag them in this picture?"

Phil Mickelson: "Taking an unplayable is my only option, I have no idea how to play this bunker shot."

Steven Spielberg: "You mean to tell me the camera zooms in and out?

Bill Belichick: "Challenge? Is that what the red flag is for?"