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Rodney Hood unleashes vicious swat...on fan's phone

January 11, 2018

Late in the third quarter of last night's Jazz-Wizards game with the score tied at 74, Jazz guard Rodney Hood was ejected. Ordinarily, this would be a bad thing, and for Hood and the Jazz, we suppose it was. For the internet, however, the ejection—and what happened next—was pure, liquid gold. TO THE TAPE:

Yes, this is exactly what it looks: A professional athlete slapping a hopefully uninsured iPhone X out of some d-hole's hand who looks just FLABBERGASTED that there were repercussions to sticking his grubby camera in another person's face 15 seconds after said person committed the NBA equivalent of accidentally replying all on an office email chain while discussing how his boss's wife might jumpstart lawn equipment.

Needless to say, Hood is going to get a fine and a suspension, and since we're on the subject of action and consequence, that's probably fair. But let's be totally honest here: There's not an NBA player alive who watched this clip and didn't enjoy it as much as you enjoyed watching f—king rat-faced Joffrey die for the first time...nor should there be. These are human beings, not attractions at the zoo, and if you show up to the game in a tucked-in white dress shirt and start pointing your phone at anything within your considerable orbit, well, just be prepared to make quick a trip the Apple Store tomorrow.