Well Played

Robert MacIntyre reveals touching way he plans to spend prize money during amazing call with his mom

June 03, 2024


Robert MacIntyre's RBC Canadian Open win with his dad caddieing for him is one of the best feel-good golf stories in recent memory. But a call home with his mother shortly after was just as awesome to watch.

Following the trophy ceremony, MacIntyre headed to the bar at Hamilton Golf & Country Club and took out his phone for a FaceTime with mom. Well, mum. It did not disappoint.

First, she began the call by saying "Winner, winner, chicken dinner." Classic.

Then Bob took a jab at his dad, "Some caddie," and added, "You might not see dad until next week, from a bender."

But then the emotions took over and it became hard for Carol to speak.

"First time you've been quiet in your life, mum," MacIntyre jokes, before revealing the touching way he plans to spend some of his $1.6 million first-place check.

"Guess what, mom?" he says. "That might be the mortgage paid off." And then they both share a big laugh. What a scene! Have a look for yourself:

Amazing. And it echoed what Bob's dad, Dougie, told CBS' Amanda Balionis right after the win. "Unbelievable. I'm a grass cutter . . . " the greenkeeper at Glencruitten Golf Club in Oban, Scotland said before understandably losing it.

The MacIntyres are just a regular family. With a son who happens to be one of the world's best golfers. And their victory party is just getting started.