Rickie Fowler partied with the Ryder Cup -- and Cindy Crawford -- for his birthday

December 14, 2016

Rickie Fowler turned 28 on Tuesday, and if you're a pro golfer, having a birthday in mid-December is perfect. As long as you're somewhere warm, that is. Seriously, there is nothing going on so even if your big day falls in the middle of the week, there's no reason not to have a celebration.

Adding to the excitement this year? For the first time in his life, Fowler had a special guest on hand at his birthday bash at Catch LA: the Ryder Cup. Apparently, it was Rickie's turn to take the coveted trophy home with him.

Oh, and there were actual people there, too. Most notably, supermodel Cindy Crawford. Rickie Fowler posted this photo of the two on his Snapchat account:


It seems Cindy was especially excited to hang out with the birthday boy the Ryder Cup:

Great photo. And great product placement.

Also in attendance, E! News host Jason Kennedy:

And Michelle Wie:

We were disappointed not to see any other Ryder Cup team members there. And where was the rest of the #SB2K16 crew? Again, though, Fowler has some time off. This could just be the beginning of the birthday party circuit.