Rickie Fowler and Matt Ryan race golf carts around Mercedes-Benz Stadium

November 24, 2017

On Tuesday, we gave you a sneak peek of the so-called Mercedes-Benz Stadium Games, a no-holds-barred (read: completely friendly) free-for-all (lightly structured video shoot) between Rickie Fowler and Matty "Ice" Ryan beneath the towering skylight of Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Now, after days of eager anticipation, stuffing abuse, and wondering if we're actually adopted (ahh, the holidays), we are proud to present the exciting finale of the MBSGs, replete with a golf cart race and an accuracy competition in which Rickie and Matt race to hit a target that will, quite literally, raise the stadium roof, with Matt grabbing the wedge and Rickie tossing the pigskin. Check it out:

As you'll see, Rickie's throwing motion could use some a lot of work while Matt shouldn't be the wheelman for your weekend foursome unless you're looking to play a seven-hour round. In the end though, a draw's a draw and both these guys deserve some Chick-fil-A for their long as it's not Sunday of course.