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Republican Dentists Cont'd

February 12, 2009

You want to make fun of my facial hair? Well, at least I got facial hair... I'm sorry, I was just practicing. It's more letters about grooming, golf clothes and, no surprise, Hawkins.


Dear Editor,


Regarding Jerome H. Clark's comment in the Feb. 9 issue regarding Geoff Ogilvy, he was not the only player with a five o'clock shadow. Perhaps he/they are in the process of growing a beard and that process takes a little time and makes one look scruffy. Mr. Woods hasn't always been squeaky clean faced on the golf course either.

Ron Field

Morton, WA

It takes some nerve, if you ask me, for a guy wearing a snot-green sweater over a white T-shirt (John Hawkins, "Curbing the menace of the 5 o'clock shadow,") to find Sergio Garcia's canary-yellow pants "offensive"--even in semi-jest!

Then again, it's impossible to offend me with your clothing or your facial hair. Ludicrous? Often. Offensive? Never.

I'll second Mr. Hawkins's closing line: "Sometimes, we find problems where there really is no problem at all."

Shouldn't it be obvious by now, to anyone who's been following the news, that appearances do not make the man?

Dan Kelly

Hopkins, Minnesotakquote>

That's a lima-bean green sweater to you, Dan. And if that last line is referring to A-Rod, as a Yankees fan, I resent that. Like Sergio, he's a very misunderstood guy who occasionally wears canary. But thanks, gentlemen, for the letters. I know it's cold where you are, and the cabin walls are closing in. Spring is coming.

--Bob Carney