Remember that massive golf course sinkhole? It's possibly uncovered a cave system

May 11, 2016


In March, we showed you the massive sinkhole that developed at Top of the Rock Golf Course in Missouri:

Most owners would blow a gasket at a crater consuming their golf course. Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops and Top of the Rock's head honcho, had a different reaction.

The billionaire is an outdoors enthusiast, and was intrigued by the prospect of an underground system linking to a cave he discovered in 1993 about a half mile from the property. Although government and environmental officials urged Morris to fill in the sinkhole, Morris decided to dig.



It appears Morris' intuition has been rewarded: Crews discovered limestone formations that indicate a cavern system underneath the golf course. What remains to be seen is how expansiveness of the caves.

"Whether it's just like a foxhole thing you have to crawl in or whether there's big caverns, that's the mystery," Morris said to the Associated Press. "And that's the exciting part of all of this."