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Raptors center doesn't get why Canada hates Nickelback

January 18, 2018
Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets

Matteo Marchi

Yes, ripping Nickelback is a tired note, right up there with "That feeling when..." Instagram posts, "3-1" Warriors jokes and guy-tapping-head gifs. But this tale from Toronto puts a new spin on this worn-out convention.

Ratpors center Lucas Nogueira is a lover of rock and roll, sharing his enjoyment of the subject with CBS Sports' James Herbet. The Brazilian big man is far from the first athlete to make this passion known: from playing guitar to collecting records to owning labels and producing tracks, sports stars and music are simpatico. What makes this story different is Nogueira's affinity for a certain group, one that pops up when "Most hated band" is Googled:

"One of the bands that I love so much and Canadians, people hate: Nickelback," he said. "I don't understand why people — because Canadian people, when you're famous, they support you so much. They love to support famous Canadians. And I don't understand because I grew up thinking Chad Kroeger is amazing, I love him. And when I came to Canada, people are like, 'You like Nickelback?' And everybody starts laughing in my face."

Admittedly, this was a shock to us. Not Nogueira's defense; that Canadians have the capacity to hate. They seem like such a happy bunch!

And do people really hate Nickelback? They've sold 50 million albums; clearly a large portion of the population digs their stuff. In fact, maybe this cultural behavior stems from a too-cool-for-school sentiment that often permeates social media and fails to account for the greater population, and that Nickelback is actually the voice of the oppressed...

(Listens to "Photograph")

Na, you're right. Nickelback blows. But props to Nogueira for standing up for what he believes in. Even if that belief is tone-deaf.