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Random *Happy Gilmore*/Shooter McGavin sign wins ESPN College GameDay award

November 14, 2016

Each week in the fall, ESPN takes its College GameDay show to a campus hosting an important NCAA football game. And each week, you can expect a few things during the program: rowdy fans, Lee Corso putting on a mascot's headgear to make a prediction, and signs. Lots and LOTS of clever signs.

This past Saturday, Corso and the rest of the ESPN gang was in Seattle for the pivotal tilt between the seventh-ranked Washington Huskies and No. 15 USC. And this particularly clever(?)/random(?) sign drew the most attention:

Shooter McGavin, of course, is the villain in the classic comedy Happy Gilmore. And while all golf fans know that Adam Sandler's Happy character took down Shooter at the Tour Championship to claim the gold jacket, we're still trying to figure out what this had to do with the Huskies taking on the Trojans.

In any event, College GameDay does a weekly sign contest and this was the runaway winner, getting nearly nine times as many retweets as any other candidate.

The popular Twitter handle, @ShooterMcGavin_, was alerted and he appreciated the reference.

For the record, USC pulled off the road upset, 26-13. And Corso got his pre-game pick wrong.

Oh, and if anyone understands this sign's relevance, please let us know.