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Q&A: Trent Dilfer On Golf, Travel And Ravens LB Ray Lewis

January 14, 2011

Trent Dilfer might be having a better career off the football field than he ever had on it. He's established himself as a perceptive analyst for ESPN and he's a plus-something golfer who boasts a career-low round of 62. When I spoke to Dilfer at length for a Golf Digest Q-and-A, he was refreshingly honest about his shortcomings as an NFL quarterback. "I have no problem saying this: I feel like I never reached my potential as a player," he said.


After two torn Achilles tendons, bone spurs in his left ankle and 12 shoulder separations, I'm betting Dilfer is now content to call himself an avid golfer, an analyst, a dedicated dad and a football fan as he watches tomorrow's Ravens/Steelers game the same way we will, without a helmet on.

Then again, there are guys like my buddy Devin Pedzwater, an avid Steelers fan who was last seen tightening his chinstrap. --Matty G.

Click here to read my entire conversation with Dilfer. Photographs courtesy of Getty Images (football) and AP (golf).