Long Live the Prince

Prince Fielder and Pedro Martinez are playable legends in ‘MLB The Show 21’ and people are (rightfully) losing their minds

A lot has changed since ‘MLB The Show 2020.’ We’ve seen a 60-game baseball season, a universal DH, and runners starting on second in extra innings. We’ve seen Fernando Tatis Jr. evolve into a cover star and Trevor Bauer into an ace. Hank Aaron passed away and the world got a new Xbox and PlayStation. 12 months is, apparently, a longgggg time in the wild world of video-game baseball. But while almost everything else has changed, one annual tradition has not: Virtual baseball fans losing over their minds over some new feature in the MLB’s best (and only) licensed baseball game.

Last year, that feature was the inclusion of the entire minor-league system. This year it’s even better, because instead of Tim Tebow, it’s Prince Fielder.

Those are some of the new playable legends coming to ‘MLB The Show 21.’ They include Nolan Ryan, Robin Yount, Fernando Valenzuela, and, of course, the aforementioned Hammering Hank. But off all the players announced, it was Fielder who, perhaps surprisingly, created the biggest stir on Wednesday afternoon.

Amen to all of that and then some. But if you thought that was the end of of the fireworks you were dead wrong, with San Diego Studios slipping in one last tease at the end of their now-viral trailer:


Hmm, who could that be?