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Prepare to be mesmerized by this two-handed, two-clubbed trick shot

May 04, 2017

It's easy to grow a bit numb to golf trick shots with so many incredible ones out there, but every so often we see one that makes our jaw drop. Such is the case with what one man at something called the Harapro Golf School has done by utilizing two golf clubs and two golf balls. It's a mesmerizing trick that will leave you watching it over and over again. Check it out:

We have no clue what that caption says (other than the English hashtags), but that takes some serious hand-eye coordination. And timing. Notice how he clips the forward ball with his left-arm swing just a split-second before the right-handed swing hits the other ball. And the contact looks pure on both.

Actually, there are a lot of cool trick-shot videos on this feed. Our hero from the first video returns for a left-handed shot in a team trick:

And here he is holing a juggling chip shot:

Whatever this guy charges for lessons, it's not enough.