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Predictions for 2007-08

OK … we’ve let the Duke women and the Stanford men enjoy their respective NCAA titles for long enough now. (What you want more than a month to bask in your glory? What about that old saying, “you’re only as good as your next tournament win.”) There’s no time like the present to begin to look ahead to next September and the start of the 2007-08 college season.

Lets look at the men’s side and get a idea of who some of the top squads will be next fall. (Tomorrow, I’ll do the same for the women). Remember, the Cardinal was no where to be found on my list last year, so don't hold me to accountable here ... and if you've got a better idea on who to watch, send in your comment.

My VERY, VERY, VERY early top 10 for the 2007-08 season:

1) Alabama (NCAA finish: sixth)


2) Florida (NCAA finish: T-9)


3) Stanford (NCAA finish: First)


4) UCLA (NCAA finish: seventh)


5) Clemson (NCAA finish: Did not play)


6) Southern California (NCAA finish: Missed cut)


7) Georgia (NCAA finish: second)


8) Texas A&M (NCAA finish: Did not play)


9) Charlotte (NCAA finish: T-3)


10) Oklahoma State (NCAA finish: T-15)