Perfect Pitch: It begins with the proper setup

October 10, 2013

Trouble with your chipping and pitching? See your PGA professional, as they say. But those not inclined to do so, consider this: A good short game starts with the proper setup.

This was the motivation behind a new product, the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat, designed by a PGA of America professional to help with ball and feet position to hit chips, pitches and bunker shots.

"We'll go out to the public range at Westchester Golf Course by LAX and watch people and very few of them are doing it right," Clay Hood, a co-founder of Perfect Pitch and a teaching professional, said. "We checked some stats. There are 27 million golfers and 20 million can't break 90. Most people are not doing it right."

Hood and his business partner Jonah Mytro began sketching out the idea for the Perfect Pitch mat, then went to Home Depot and bought some turf and spray paint to make a rudimentary form of the mat.

The finished product features three colors: the red shows ball and feet position for a chip, white for a pitch, and yellow for a lob or bunker shot.

"My philosophy in teaching golf is that simple is better," said Hood, who was a pro at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Va., before coming to Los Angeles and starting the company. "We're looking for ways to make it simple."

The Perfect Pitch mat can be purchased via the company's website for $65.00.