Political Corrections

May 01, 2009

Golf World's story about Jerry Kelly's victory in New Orleans, by staffer Jim Moriarty, contained this note about Kenny Perry's return to action after his excruciating loss in the Masters: The 48-year-old was overwhelmed by the response that his dignified defeat elicited. He got calls or letters from Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson, George W. Bush--guys who blew leads at Augusta National, Winged Foot and Afghanistan.... __

Dear Editor, I've been reading your magazine for over 35 years, and still look forward to its weekly arrival with as much enthusiasm as I did when I was 15. As an avid Jerry Kelly fan, I read with interest your "Pep Talk" article in the May 4 edition. Mr. Moriarty did a wonderful job blending the story on the course with the flavor and ongoing recovery of New Orleans. However, his reference to Kenny Perry's return, and the support he received from friends, players and the former President caused me the kind of heartburn Mr. Weekly probably experienced after eating his plate of crawfish at Acme Oyster House. Put simply, I would ask that GolfWorld leave the revisionist history about our success in Afghanistan and Iraq to our current President, and support our former President with the same level of respect and enthusiasm that he and his family have displayed in supporting our wonderful game. With best regards, Tim Hague Washington, DC

__> Dear Tim: Objection noted. I also note that when Bush first took office and my Republican friends were sending around "hilarious" photo captions about Al "the bore" Gore, I was urged to have a sense of humor. --Bob Carney