Podcast: "Inside Golf World" discusses Tiger Woods' future

January 10, 2013

Predicting much of anything in professional golf is a dangerous undertaking, the opportunity of being wrong far more likely than being right. We thus proceeded with caution in putting together our first issue of 2013, The Predictions Issue.

While detailing why golf is so tricky to forecast, we crunched the numbers to make an educated guess at what's in store for the new year, picking a winner for (gulp!) every PGA Tour stop along with each LPGA and Champions Tour major.

Any attempt at looking into the future on the PGA Tour requires answering a fundamental question: What's ahead for Tiger Woods?

Contributing writer Jim Moriarty took on that assignment, authoring an intriguing story on the state of Tiger's game as the 37-year-old continues his pursuit of golf history.

In our debut edition of the "Inside Golf World" podcast, which will appear every Thursday in our new Golf World Preview product, Moriarty discusses the story and what he thinks is next for game's iconic star. Click below to listen to the first of many "Inside Golf World" podcasts.