For any player, there’s a point in every round when you get to a shot you’re just dreading. It could be off the tee, from a tough lie or around the green, and just the thought of having to play it brings up visions of making triple bogey. When you have to play defensively to avoid shots you hate, it’s hard to generate much confidence. In a new instructional video program, Debbie Doniger, one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in New York, shows you how to erase your fear with proper technique.

In five videos, “Play Without Fear” will teach you what to do when you just can’t miss a drive to the right (something every slicer gets anxious about), how to contend with a long approach shot from rough, how to solve the toughest pitch and chip shots around the green, and how to navigate a tiered green without recording the dreaded three-putt. With a little technical advice and some better strategy, you’ll be able to shave strokes off your score as soon as this weekend.


1 The Terrible Two-Tier Putt

2 The Scary Pitch Over Trouble

3 Solving Three Tricky Chip Shots

4 Don't Let The Rough Intimidate You

5 Handling Nightmare Driving Holes

Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in New York