Golf Digest SchoolsOctober 17, 2017

The Will Robins Plan: Play Better Without Practice

You're about to experience a completely different kind of golf instruction. This isn't swing technique or learning to hit sophisticated shots. This is about picking smart strategies, reducing pressure and expectations and making golf the great fun it should be. Will Robins, our coach in these 10 instructional videos, teaches you how to lower your scores by playing the right shots at the right times and keeping your mind-set simple and positive. Take out all the mechanical clutter and let the golfer in you come out by focusing on playing the game, not perfecting the golf swing. That's the Will Robins Plan.

Lesson 1: Getting Rid of Expectations
—Learn to turn down the tension and stop trying so hard

Lesson 2: Driving the Ball in Play
—Follow this 3-step plan to never lose strokes off the tee

Lesson 3: Stop Leaving Shots Short
—Why you should add 10 yards to all your distances

Lesson 4: Simplifying Chip Shots
—Get good with this one club (you won't believe which one)

Lesson 5: No More Reading Greens
—What you should focus on instead to avoid three-putts

Lesson 6: Taking Away the Flag
—Try this mental exercise and putt for birdie more often

Lesson 7: Getting Out of Trouble
—How to keep a clear head and stay away from big numbers

Lesson 8: Dialing in Your Wedges
—A simple system to cover any distance from 50 to 100 yards

Lesson 9: Rewriting the Scorecard
—Boost your confidence by setting realistic scoring goals

Lesson 10: Enjoying the Game
—How to give yourself every chance to play well and have fun

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